About Us

We are not your typical pizza joint….

We are a family owned and operated business. We try to engage in activities that consume fewer resources and produce less harmful waste.

Our restaurant advocates the use of locally produced food and goods.

We use a locally brewed beer in our dough, which is made in-house daily, for our pizza, sandwiches, and breadsticks.

We pride ourselves on our wide variety of gourmet pizzas which we make to order your way, using the best meats and cheeses we can find, including “free range” turkey and pork sausage.

We also have a large vegan menu that is always changing as we create new recipes made from non-animal derived ingredients, such as soy or gluten. Some of these items being: imitation sausages, burgers and chicken nuggets.

Our to-go boxes are made from recycled materials and our to-go cups are made from corn. All other items such as forks and plates are made from potato starch.

Our ingredients are top of the line. We use Earth Balance butter, Rosewood tofu, Chicago Soy Diary, as well as a wide variety of non genetically modified ingredients, including Zoye (100% pure soybean oil).

We love this earth, we love this community, we love people and we love food!

Join us for lunch or dinner , or just stop in to say hello! We bet you will be pleasantly surprised.

Bon appetit!

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